Attic Cleanouts in Arlington VA

Attic Cleanouts in Arlington, Virginia

Pack Rat to the Rescue

Looking for a company to clean the junk out of your attic? Pack Rat Hauling is here to save the day. What do we mean by “save the day”? You may or may not have considered that there is a huge financial risk to you in hiring the wrong company to clean out your attic.

Imagine what would happen if you hired an unlicensed contractor who was using temporary help that was paid cash under the table and these staff members were not covered by the company’s insurance policy. Probably nothing in junk cleanout carries more risk than having people climb a rickety ladder to climb into your attic and then carry stuff down. Imagine what would happen if one (not properly trained) of them fell through the ceiling or down the ladder carrying something heavy. They could be badly hurt. That’s bad enough, but then you find out… you have to pay their medical bills… and you also could end up paying their disability for life. Ouch.

We don’t want to see that happen to nice people like you. So we want you to know that we are licensed contractors, all our staff is paid over-the-counter and each staff member is covered by our insurance. More importantly, each of our staff members are trained in the proper way to handle heavy objects when removing them from attics, which helps prevent, or at least reduce accidents in the first place. Yes, we are the nicest company in town. Yes, we are insured. Yes, our prices are great. But just as important, we help protect you from the unexpected.

Attic Cleanouts in Arlington