Basement Cleanouts in Falls Church VA

Basement Cleanouts in Falls Church, Virginia

Basment needs a cleanout? Let the experts at Pack Rat Hauling help!

Do you have the pesky old rear projection screen tv sitting in your basement? Old boxes of unwanted items that could be donated? Maybe an old couch you have been saving for someone? Let Pack Rat Hauling come in and do the heavy lifting for you! We can take away all of the unwanted items and donate or recycle them for you!

Maybe your basement was exposed to water and all of the contents were ruined! Everyone does it, let's junk pile up in the basement out of site! The thought of cleaning it out on your day off does not sound very good. The good news is, you don’t have to do it on your own! Pack Rat hauling will provide full service to remove all of the unwanted items out of your basement and do it reasonably. Let the experts take care of it for you.

Basement Cleanouts in Falls Church

How to clean out your basement in Falls Church, Virginia


Start with one area at a time.


Separate into different piles (trash, donatable, recyclable).


Follow the golden rule: if you haven’t used them in years, get rid of them!


Let the Pack Rat Team remove all of the unwanted items.


Re-organize and enjoy all of your new clean space!