Hi, I’m Michael Scott

Written By pckrat_adm1n

August 16, 2016

Hi, I’m Michael Scott, president of Pack Rat Hauling. I started this company from the ground up.

I feel it’s important never to lose sight of the true value of working hard towards a job well done. Every job that comes our way gives us a chance to prove our professionalism, make another positive connection within our community, and add another happy customer to our network!

I am proud to be a volunteer fire fighter with Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department. I use the skills I learn there to bring safety and care to every trash and junk removal job. My team shares my pride in doing every job well.

We haul everything including:

  • Junk
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Whole house contents
  • Office equipment
  • Storage unit contents
  • Property debris
  • Construction debris
  • Swingset and trampolines
  • Manure
  • Hot tubs
  • TVs
  • More!


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