Cleaning Out the Garage

Written By pckrat_adm1n

September 10, 2021

It’s that time of year!  Everyone wants to get things clean and in order as the days grow longer and prettier.  One of the first on everyone’s list is to get the garage cleaned out.  It is amazing how many people have garages and cannot even get a car in them if they tried!  You first need to ask yourself, “whats in here that hasn’t been used since we moved in?”  That question is a tough one but generally speaking, if you haven’t used something in 2 full years, you are not going to.  So get rid of it!

There are two good, efficient ways of cleaning out the garage and getting it done in one day.  The first is to hire a professional junk removal company to remove the items you wish to dispose of.  Don’t worry about what’s trash, donatable, or recyclable- let the professionals handle that part so you can concentrate on the task at hand- What goes and what stays pointing at items and moving on to the next.

Another option for a big garage clean out would be to rent a small dumpster.  They come in various sizes depending on your need but they can be the catch-all for your cleaning project.  Have it dropped right outside of the garage door and proceed to fill it up as you go through the shelves, corners and cubbies of the garage.  One last thing, if there is room left in the dumpster when your done, start on the basement or attic!


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